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The Absolute Tech Net is hosted every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Our nets last up to, but no more than two hours. See our Upcoming Page for program(s) info.

Connection information:

Echolink: *DODROPIN* conference server: 355800
AllStar: Nodes 52879 and 52782
YSF: 83236 (US-DoDropin YSF Reflector)
DMR: TGIF TG 3162356
DMR+: DV-Scotland IPSC2 - Talk Group 23426
IRLP: 9616
Wires-X: Room 41729
D-Star: XLX 299 X (64024) DMR / DCS 299 X (D-Star) / REF 299 X (D-Star)

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Absolute Tech is a technology net for ham radio operators and others that covers a broad spectrum of technology but, not limited to ham radio devices or applications. New and neat-old technology will be covered. While the net will be a controlled net, participants should feel free to make comments and/or contribute answers to questions under the direction of the host to give the net a feeling of collaboration without chaos.

We'd like to respectfully request participants be prepared to offer-up their own Tech Tidbits on each and every net. That means, we really want to hear what realm of technology has recently captured your interest. Your topic(s) may range from "here on earth" to "out in space." If you have a "quick" question about a project you're working on, feel free to ask the net. Participants' answers should be brief but, if brief isn't possible, please use our Absolute Tech Facebook page to carry your conversion further. You will find the link to our Facebook page, as well as our Podcasts, YouTube Channel, Upcoming Schedule of Events, Contact & Subscription Forms, and Net Topic Information Links, in the Navigation bar above, here on our website.

Net Protocol

We'll open each net with a preamble, followed by announcements and any old business. Then the evening's host will begin taking check-ins from participants with Tech Tidbits. For those with non-technical comments, we want to know you're out there, too! We ask that you please state your call sign followed by, "check in only, no tech comments." This will keep the momentum of the net moving forward and focused on Tech. Although we have a specific topic selected for each net, all Tech-related topics are always open for discussion. So, if you’re excited about something tech-related, bring it on. We want to hear about it.

We use NetLogger so, if you are a NetLogger user, this is a great way to get connected with our Net Host, to see who’s lurking, and to communicate with others via the AIM window. However, we take voice check-ins only on this net. So, please, voice check-ins only.


So, whether you're changing the memory-backup battery in your vintage handheld transceiver, or creating an app for your smartphone to control your Martian Rover, there's no topic too big or too small because here on Absolute Tech, we want to hear about them all. All types of Tech will be open for discussion on the Net this evening. So, grab a snack and your favorite beverage, fasten your seat belt and hold on tight because, here we go ... right here, right now, for this edition of Absolute Tech!

Topics may include but are not limited to:

5G | Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning | Autonomous Driving Automobiles | Batteries | Block-chain | Communications (All Modes) Including Smartphones and everything wireless | Computer Networking and Switching | Cyber Security | Cybercrime | Digital Transformation | DIY Electronics | Edge Computing | EMP / High Energy Pulses | EV Tech (Electric Vehicles) | GPS | Hyper Automation | Internet of Things (IoT) | IoB (Internet of Behaviors) | Linux (all flavors) | Musical Synthesis (Modular, Keyboard, etc.) | Music/Audio Production (DAW: Digital Audio Workstation) | Programming | Quantum Computing | Raspberry Pi | Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | SBC (Single Board Computers) | Setting up RasPix4-8GB as a firewall (Email, VPN, IM) | Smart Home Automation | Solar Power | Space Travel and exploration | Speech Synthesis | Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality | Work-at-home (Remote Employment)

Thank You!

Thanks to all of our Partners, Participants, and Supporters who make this Net possible.

Co-founder: Scott, N4UPC
Co-founder: Mike, N6RDF
Audio Engineer & NetLogger: Chris, VE3RWJ

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